My name is Monica Bedini, I was born in Florence in 1963 and there I attended the Art Institute. Then, I followed a professional ceramic course to Sesto Fiorentino Institute and I experienced for a longtime as decorator and designer, both in general and for children. Furthermore, I have also realized several pictures for printing-houses and creative pictures for porcelain sets, for embroidery, etc.

il mio mondo

As time passes, I have also taken place to competitions and exhibitions, among which:

  • In 1992 to the Lucca Strip Cartoon International Exhibition;
  • In 1994 I made my first paint exhibition to Verona Euro Art Expo and I took place to the Cantagallo Exhibition;Premio città di Foggia
  • In 1996 I kept a personal to the Prato Terminal Cultural Circle and I took place to the second edition of the show “Riflessi di luce nell’antico borgo” (Light’s reflexes in the ancient village), organized by Edoardo Girtanner and by Como Unicef Provincial Committee;
  • In 1997 I exposed to Prato Farini Circle and to the International Art Show in Milan Modigliani Gallery;
  • In 1998 I received the first prize for special merit “the Bramantino” conferred by Flavio de gregorio;
  • In 1998 I received the first prize of Modern Art arts by Flavio de gregorio mandated by the Venice Biennial;
  • In 2000 I exposed paintings in the castle Chiaramontano as guest on invitation of the municipality of Racalmuto near Agrigento (the native country of Sciascia).
  • In 2001 I exposed paintings at Caffè Teatro in front of the theater Metastasio in Prato.
  • In 2002 I took place to the 12th competition on painting about Florence’s railway “dopolavoro”, Prato section;
  • In 2002 I gained the prize Foggia’s city in the 34th Edition of “Premio Primavera” ( Primavera Prize);
  • In 2004 I was awarded as “merit indication” during the 36th edition of “Premio Primavera” (Primavera Prize).
  • Nella XLI Edition of the “Premium spring National Exhibition of painting””2009” “club of artists” Foggia for my work “to my mother eternal love” I received the Prize “Dance School Falco d’ Oro Foggia”.
  • Certificate of selection for my work “Sun Night” in the exhibition-Competition 2010 “space and matter” of the Gallery of Art “the lounge of the art Turin”
  • special premium for my work live “Bobbio” competition 2010 live proclaimed by: Lions Club of Bobbio