Dedicated to

To my mother… to my father…
…to them I think about, I cry, I look for.
To them who have created me, gwown, loved.
To them who have supported me in peace and war.
To them who have always tried protecting me… from others and from myself.
To them who have always tried spurning me on for challenge, a word that I well know.
To them as retraction lawyers, in life suite
To them as defensor lawyers, sure of my “innocence”
To them as judges who have absolved me.
To them , that I miss and that can not take phisically place in this occasion
To this project of mine realization… this web site
And that I have created thanks to their words’ memory… that have always incited me to go on with things I start, never feeling tired
For this reason, if words virtually flinged as arrows will pas through the ether… as they have already made as time passes,
They can, even just for one chance, reach you in another dimension.
In the common air…know that I dedicate to you all this.
Just to cherish once again in the illusion you are still here close to me.

Monica Bedini