I would like to accompany you in a tourist trip as regards techniques and materials I use. I have used the writing tourist trip not casually. Sometimes, it is difficult to explain some things, at least for me, but I will try and make it, if you will have patience for following me ehm… for reading me.

As regards painting, I prefers acrylic colours even if sometimes I mix other colours or powders, even if I must say that acrylic colours offer you the chance to satisfy one’s whims using the water-colour technique, the scratch technique or the heaping one.

Even water-colours are enjoying, but I must confess you that sometimes, I experience the above mentioned techniques mixing them with ped pens pencils and something else. Obviously, tests do not always succeed, but when it happens… there is a satisfaction in seeing the result.

Anyway, this does not only happen on pictures, but also on other works I do.

I can not tell you I always use pure techniques, on the contrary I love mixing techniques and materials, especially on my handcraft works, because, according to me, better results are obtained or perhaps I am only naturally curious and I naturally test new things and insert them into the context in which I am working.

In hand-manufactured works and on modelling works I often use some pastes made up by myself such as, for example, maize paste, crumb paste, wood paste, talc paste. But I neither refuse the ready ones such as the self-hardening pastes, baked clay pastes, extra-light pastes, cernit , etc…

I am inclined in making by myself as much as I can, thus I make metal plates on myself by the embossed technique on the suitable material. For all wood works I use balsa wood , that I cut and engrave according to the cases. I consider it very ductile and workable even without a suitable equipment because a cutter is enough for wood cutting.

Sometimes, in my hand-manufactured works, I use a technique of mine I have named “a suoli” where with chalk, lime, paper, stud and other… I create the final object’s base or body. According to me, some unusual and beautiful objects come out, but spring and summer must be chosen for this kind of working first of all for a fast drying and then because it is better to operate on the open air as it is about a really dirtying kind of work and you risk to do in your house. I don’t say it but you have surely understood!

Then, I use other materials like iron, brass, copper, sticks and all which I find suitable and ideal for that particular moment.

What I want to say, summing up, is that: it is true that there are regulations but nothing absolute exists, and sometimes it is better to follow one’s fantasy. Of course sometimes you must throw away some works… especially when experiencing new things, but when you will be well experienced you will be able to better move and you will be able to invent you own way of creating, because the more you will learn to do, the more you will succeed in representing what you want, thus remaining satisfied about the final result.

In short… in Tuscan: “aggeggiate”, test, experience. Create means fantasy and fantasy means free actions.

Have a good work and if you want to ask me something… I am here!