• Today is a gloomy, rainy day, a bit like my mood …
    and these words come to mind, so assecondatemi, as you would with a madman.
    Perhaps because the madness is only an extreme lucidity.

    I was born in a day without sunshine … no rain.
    Growing up, I created my sun, which warmed me.
    when he was in his heyday, took off the rays.
    I have taken the Rays and I have changed them in rain.
    A rain washed me clear and peaceful.
    It has washed and warmed me …

    One day a lightning bolt took me away the rain …

    The sun has doubled its heat in an attempt to compensate she .

    One day a lightning I took away the sun …

    I was born, I grew up, but,
    I no longer have my sunshine and my rain.
    Monica Bedini

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  1. admin says:

    grazie tante

  2. Materac says:

    very cool blog. Plus for the article!