I make on demand pictures, drawnings, works, candies, models, projects, candy-boxes, etc…

And all that you would like I make, if I am able to do it. If it would not be possible, anyway I could elaborate other alternative ideas in order to satisfy as best as I can the customer’s taste and preference. Works made just for the customer, will have a “preventive price” per piece and delivery times will be calculated. If the customer accepts, I will go on realizing the work.

Personalized works could have a price’s additional charge. The latter will be agreed in the order’s moment and must be accepted by the customer. They will also have a little delay in delivery that will be anyway communicated while purchasing.

This incurs because, I want to remember, all works are made manually and in an artisan way.

This is the only way to obtain an artistic handcraft.
Who is interested in buying, he must send me e-mail information of the product / s that is interested in buying,
and I will respond to he by giving the full price of the article / s with the shipping costs.
Shipping charges vary according to the articles,
where there are small products such as “jewels” are sent by priority mail, so that shipping costs are very low.
I also remember that only accepts Pay pall, .
but (only for purchases made in Italy) is also possible as a form of payment, make a charging on my E-Pay.
other information is at your disposal.