Ooak Miniature Poseable little Magic Fairy Great Head sculpt handmade Unique Piece Fairy Dolls, collectible fairy dolls, polymer clay dolls

I use a lot of hours and a lot of work for make every little fairy.
each of them is modeled by hand (head, hands, feet) without the use of molds, use of the “wire iron ” with chenille, for the body, then I think , how I can to dress every fairy, thinking about what is best suited to his face.
it is a long job that requires patience and passion for what I do, I love my job.
Fairy Great head.
and I put each of them in small wooden boxes, on the cover , I stamp my name on wax, I like this takes me back in time, to the past, when sigillavano with wax ,letters and small artifacts.
I think it also gives a magical touch to the package.
I place every fairy with the certificate of authenticity closed by a small pink and then …

if you get one of my Fairies , you will be amazed by the details that I put in my creations, because this too is magic, a magic that gives emotions.
I wait you in my shop and I thank you for your attention.

It would be nice to think that a magic and fairy world , it is live around us.
and that’s what I did while I was doing these little creatures.
I let myself go to the imagination, discovering details and dreams.
When I sculpt each one of them, I think they are special and magical beings, created to bring luck and companionship to those who own them.
This little fairy is a unique piece .

is not a toy , but a collectible item .
 is carved by hand in polymer clay (prosculpt or living doll).

she has head, hands and feet molded by hand, body with wire iron , which allows it to be gently , put sitting , and take other positions .
 their hair are in : real fur Mohair Tibetan.
their dress are not removible.
 Thank you all ,and welcome to a world of magic and fantasy, and good luck.
H. about 14.5 cm. / about 5.70 inches



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