The witches ‘ house

Unique piece

Seal-wax seal with authenticity parchment.

Base tile. Blackbirds, tiles, stone doorposts, window sills, higher door’s base, little wall, balcony, staircases, statues, brooms’ deposit are modelled and hand painted in extralight paste.Windows, doors and all particulars are hand painted.Lamps’ base is made by welded iron.Lamps are hand modelled in maize pasteWindows and some particulars are decored with a particular colour reflecting light in the dark.Lamps, marrows, leaves, shoes, bats, lion form handles on the door, the ghost, the big saucepan are modelled and hand painted in maize paste ( personal composition ) which is also cold cool porcelain.Bell and refinements are in brassLittle brooms hand made in wood and strawJuta bag, little ceramic vase with synthetic flowers, basket with synthetic miniatures.Spells’ sign is hand made in balsa wood and card.Various signs are in card , wood, wood cart , moss and pavement are modelled in self-hardening paste.Ivy and various synthetic leaves.Wood base

Dimensions: 40 cm x 23 cm x 50 cm
Weight: 4500 g

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